Donation and Giving

Norma LaFonteParenting13 Comments

Teach Kids to be Generous

Donating and Giving is an important part of both Money Management and Entrepreneurship. When you give to others, without expectation – you ALWAYS get something back in return. It’s called a good feeling! There is an expression that says, “charity begins at home”, and it is at home that you can begin the process of simply talking to them about … Read More

Is Formal Education the Right Choice?

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Is Formal Education the Right Choice?

While we are not against additional education beyond High School, we really encourage people to think about what may be RIGHT for their children. Higher education has a place in society. Trust me, I truly value and appreciate the University level professions that I need in my life, Dr’s, Lawyers, Accountants etc. I also appreciate the professions that require Technical … Read More