Donation and Giving

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Teach Kids to be Generous

Donating and Giving is an important part of both Money Management and Entrepreneurship. When you give to others, without expectation – you ALWAYS get something back in return. It’s called a good feeling!

There is an expression that says, “charity begins at home”, and it is at home that you can begin the process of simply talking to them about what is happening in the outside world. Have conversations with them about current events (age appropriate of course). Talk to them about stories in the local news and ask them for their opinion. You will be amazed at how thoughtful and creative then can be, and by their natural desire to want to help.

While I was teaching a Money Camp in Ontario, a local animal shelter had a news story asking for cash donations to help them buy more supplies including food, pet toys, blankets and towels. I brought the story to the attention of the Money Camp kids to help them identify places they could donate money from their personal Give Jars.

During our group discussion, one of the younger students identified that while the money was needed, as kids they could have a bigger impact by offering to collect older towels and blankets from their neighbours, wash them at home and then bring them to the shelter. As a group – the kids decided they would act on that idea and over the next few evenings started to collect goods for the shelter.

Their parents, the neighbours and the shelter were all shocked at the thoughtfulness of these young kids. The kids decided to make this an annual event in their community – and each July, a week-long collection now takes place with drop off’s directly to the local animal shelter.

Donating and giving of time, money, and energy builds up confidence and makes people feel good. One of the Mom’s took over the task of coordinating the event and spreading the work throughout their community. She told me that her son – as soon as he gets his drivers license – is committed to keep the program going. He loves knowing that he is making a difference!

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