Finally, a Simple Way to Teach Kids About Money…

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Now Available: Money Monster or Money Master? Book

Teaches one of the most important skills your child needs- yet it is not taught in school. Give your kids a head start in life!


Written by Parents who Earned Life the Hard Way

Through making their own mistakes and then learning from others they became Money Masters, and that is what they want to teach you and your children.

What You Will Learn

Teaching kids to be financially literate helps them to understand how to manage money and make money grow. Smart spending will become a habit that they will carry through life and that will secure their future.

This fun and engaging book makes money interesting and approachable!

  • Where Does Money Come From?
  • Kids & Different Kinds of Allowance
  • Wants & Needs
  • A Money Management System
  • Kids and Debit & Credit Cards
  • Becoming a Money Master

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Money Monster or Money Master? teaches kids great money basics including giving to others and learning how to have their money work for them. Read this book with your kids!

"Money Monster or Money Master? teaches kids great money basics including giving to others and learning how to have their money work for them. Read this book!"

T. Harv Eker

New York Times No. 1 Best-Selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire MindTM

Our Focus

Providing Opportunity for Parents and Kids to Create an Open Dialogue on Money and Creation of Life Long Habits to Ensure Financial Success and Confidence


What People Are Saying About Money Monster or Money Master?


"I am filled with SO MUCH HOPE..."

“I’m an adult, who bought this to help teach my son what I didn’t learn from my parents. This book is so applicable for me too. I am so Thankful to have read it. I have been filled with SO MUCH HOPE reading your book. The strategies, and even right down to the suggested percentages is FINALLY something I can work with in my own life. Teaching my son and following the principles at the same time is going to make both our lives so much better. Thank you again for writing this, can’t wait to share it with others.”

– Monique Biladeau-Nestmann

“As a Father of 3 boys I know I need to help talking to them about money in a meaningful way. The book was easy to read and to undertand. It gave me ideas and topics as well as a system to make sure my kids don’t end up with bad debt. I loved the stories and will use them to share with my kids. Very easy read, and relatable at any age. I even learned a thing or two to help my financial picture improve. Hope my wife does to!”

– Jeff Johnson

“Money Monster or Money Master? Encourages adults to have an open dialogue with kids about money and prepares them to live a life of abundance!”

– David Osborn, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Wealth Can’t Wait” and “Miracle Morning Millionaires”

“I absolutely loved this book.  A fabulous resource for parents and kids. The recommendations are simple and easy to implement. I’d like to see every child have an education like this about money”.

– Dr. Vicki Panaccione, Licensed Psychologist, Better Parenting Institute

“One of the most important skills your child needs is the ability to manage money – yet this isn’t taught in school. Money Monster or Money Master delivers sound, practical advice to parents who want to give their children a head start in life.”

– Rock Thomas, Rock Thomas International



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