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YET is a powerful and entertaining approach to entrepreneurship and includes over 20 training videos, a workbook, games, and more.



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YET Graduate Jaiden
Money Monster or Money Master? teaches kids great money basics including giving to others and learning how to have their money work for them. Read this book with your kids!

"Before I took the YET program I didn’t know much about money. I would always try to save for things but wasn’t very good at it. During the YET program I learned how to properly save money, budget, and introduce myself."


YET Graduate

The Yet Academy Program Is Comprehensive, Fun And Rewarding

Developed by business owners, entrepreneurs, & parents. - It Will Bring Out the Best in Your Kids!

Our program provides a unique learning experience that teaches kids valuable life-long lessons, that when combined with their innate skills and talents will provide them with a solid foundation for their future.

Here's What Your Kids Will Learn:

Financial Literacy Skills

Financial Literacy

An important skill that is not taught in school!

Teaching kids to be financially literate helps them to understand how to manage money and make money grow. Smart spending will become a habit that they will carry through life and that will secure their future.


Teaches kids how to confidently sell themselves and their products or services.

Kids will also gain incredibly valuable skills and character traits that will serve them in all aspects of their life and enable them to make positive contributions to society in an increasingly complex world:

  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Communication Skills
  • Identifying Problems and
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Innovation & Creative Expression
  • Taking Risks and learning from successes and failures

YET Empowers Success

With more and more students completing the program, the success stories are starting to stack up!


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"YET has given me new opportunities & helped me start my business"

“Before taking the YET program I was always spending my money on things I didn’t need (like candy). I never managed to save any money and was always asking mom and dad for money.

Since the YET program, I have been able to mentor with a professional photographer who has paid me to become a better photographer. She reached out to me once she heard what I was doing with YET because she liked my initiative.

It’s been two years since YET and I am much better with my money! I am saving up for a car (and insurance/gas) and a trip to Chile! Thanks to the money management system I am able to stay on top of my money.

When I first joined the YET program I was actually in shock because I knew nothing about money. I didn’t know how to save I really had no clue what profit and expenses were. I didn’t know anything.

Thanks to YET, I now understand how businesses work, especially expenses and profit. They should teach this in schools!”

– Shaqala

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