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Fun and laughter with transformational life and business skills... all rolled into an awesome 3 to 5-day experiential camps.


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A simple and highly effective program that teaches kids the principles of entrepreneurship, basic money skills, and how to create a money mindset that sticks!


Two Camps to Choose From in 2019

Empowering kids to take ownership of their finances, money, and life... all that, and a whole lot of FUN!

Money Master Camp

Taught by Money Masters Norma & Lance. During this 4.5 day camp your kids will learn:

  • Where money really comes from
  • Topics to ask about and discuss money in a meaningful way
  • How to identify a want from a need
  • How to make good spending choices
  • Ways to save and the importance of balance
  • A simple and effective money management system
  • Includes a “Market Day” at the end of the program where the kids promote their new business.
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YET Academy Camp

Taught by Money Masters Norma & Lance. During this 5 day camp your kids will learn:

  • Money & business skills that can be applied to any business or career
  • Money Mindset principles that your children can use everyday
  • The secret formula to sell anything!
  • Entrepreneurial skills that ignite creativity, instil confidence, initiative and decision- making skills
  • Create a business that they can continue to build and earn from, into the future
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Shaqala, YET Program Graduate
Money Monster or Money Master? teaches kids great money basics including giving to others and learning how to have their money work for them. Read this book with your kids!

"When I first joined the YET program I was actually in shock because I knew nothing about money... with what I learned in YET I am now confident with my money and have even started my own photography business."

Shaqala (Age 14)

YET Graduate

YET Empowers Success

With more and more students completing the program, the success stories are starting to stack up!



What is the Young Entrepreneurs Training Academy?


See What Our Students Think of the YET Program

We are very proud of our students and what they've accomplished!


"After YET... I don't ask my parents for as much money"

Jaiden (YET Graduate)

Jaiden (Left), YET graduate & business owner.

Before I took the YET program I didn’t know much about money. I would always try to save for things but wasn’t very good at it. During the YET program I learned how to properly save money, budget, and introduce myself.

The YET program helped us start our own business. After the YET program was finished I felt confident about money and don’t ask my parents for as much money.

I now have a successful business and can make $60.00 in 6 hours and I have 1 employee. My friends ask how I know so much about money and business and I tell them that I went to the Young Entrepreneur Training program and that Lance is always there if I have any questions. I always teach my friends if they need or want to know anything.

– Jaiden



YET Was Created By Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Self-Made Money Masters

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