Teach Your kids to ask HOW they can have what they want!

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Teach Your Kids to Ask HOW They Can Get What They Want

This is a story from a good friend of mine, who has 2 boys aged 9 and 11 at the time of this story. I’ve changed the names and will refer to Mom as Donna, and the 2 boys as David and Donny. Donna and I attended many personal development courses and camps together and believe that kids need to learn about money, money management and that money mindset can be taught by asking kids to find their own solutions.

David and Donny use a Money Management system very similar to the one we teach in our book and in our Money Master Camps. They were saving money up to purchase new Nerf Water guns to play with in their backyard pool. They wanted to purchase several, so that their friends could come and play as well. The toys are not inexpensive, and summer was approaching quickly.

As their home pool was being filled they started to get anxious, thinking they would never be able to buy all the toys they wanted before summer was over. They asked Donna if they could use their money from the other categories and replace it later. The rules are that money is not meant to be moved. Donna, being a great Mom did not allow them to break the rules, but instead gave them this question:

How can you get what you want, while following the rules?

A few days passed when they excitedly approached Donna. They had a plan they were sure would work.

They decided that since the money in their Wealth Building Jar was only to be used to make more money – they could use that money to buy a bunch of Nerf Water toys and create a Summer Rental Business. Donna asked them to write up a short business plan, with the cost of the guns and how many times they would need to be rented out before the guns would become toys for the boys to play with.

David and Donny asked their Dad to help them and together wrote up a plan that would work. They decided to create a Birthday Party Package which included the Water Gun Rentals, as well as pool noodles and other inflatables.

They then created posters and flyers and delivered them door to door and posted them at local stores.

In less than 2 weeks the kids had enough bookings to cover their costs, bought the toys and started their first business.

Asking kids HOW they can have what they want, leads to creative solutions. As Parents, our job isn’t to answer every question – but to teach our kids how to solve their own problems.

Have you Considered your Children’s Future YET?

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